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Dive the Amazing Silfra - Day Tour:

  • Always best available price: 34.900 ISK (incl. pick up, all gear and two dives)
  • Guaranteed small groups and personal service (max 4 divers in a group)

Snorkel the Silfra Day Tour:

  • Always best available price: 14.900 ISK (incl. pick up).

Dive/Snorkel Silfra and Golden Circle - Great value:

  • Personal guided tour. Snorkel 29.900 / Dive 44.900

Rated one of the top three cold water divesite in the world by DIVER Magazine-

Dive with the most experienced divers in Iceland with SCUBA ICELAND

silfra deep scubaiceland


  • Surreal and extreme surroundings
  • Highly Experienced and Fun Guides
  • PADI Dry Suit Specialty in Silfra for 44.900 ISK.
  •  Snorkel in Silfra - Why not do the snorkel, no certification needed.

- Silfra Diving Video

     Silfra ravine is a crack filled with very cold waters from about 2°- 4° celcius and crystal clear water with about 120 meters visibility. This spectacular dive/snorkel site is an experience every diver/snorkeler will appreciate. It has been called one of the three best fresh water diving sites in the world.

    Apart from the cold water you can expect mild current, but you dive/snorkel with the current which makes the dive/snorkel more enjoyable. There is a platform with steps for easy entrance and exit platform. The first stage of the dive/snorkel is the Silfra Hall then swimming over shallows will take you to the Silfra Cathedral. The final part of the dive/snorkel is the extremely beautiful Blue Lagoon - The name refers to the multiple strong blue colors you will experience in the dive/snorkel.

    The National Park of Thingvellir is known for its divine nature and is the most frequent visited tourist site in Iceland. The first General Assembly in Iceland was established in Thingvellir around 930 and the park has a major significance in the country´s history. It has been said that Thingvellir is a national wonder for its geologic history and of the Lake Thingvellir which Silfra Ravine is a part of.

    This unique dive site is something that a diver needs to experience for himself.

    Look at the AMAZING photos Dr. Alex Mustard took on his Expedition in Iceland with Scuba Iceland and dive centers. Thanks Alex fot putting us on the map through GENIUS EYES:

    The Daily Mail – The Growing gap between Eurasia, North America tectonic plates

    The Mirror – A land far, far away

    Check out SCUBA ICELAND day tour to Silfra.

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